Boy Scout Cabin

Built in 1936 as the clubhouse for Boy Scout Troop 27, it is possible that this clubhouse was constructed in honor of the 25th anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America. The residential development of the area during this period sparked the need for community groups and facilities. The log cabin style of this clubhouse was popular with the BSA and attempted to conflate the organization with the spirit of American pioneers. The property was later occupied by the Lion’s Club and is now used by a variety of community groups.


Carefully cross Robertston Boulevard north of El Tovar Place. Return north up Robertson Boulevard for 300 feet. Stop under the large tree just after the driveways for 650 and 656 Robertson Boulevard.

As you walk, take note of the eclectic styles of the buildings on the east side of the street. 626 is a Streamline Moderne building from 1940, 634 and 642 date from the 1920s, 646 (now home to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association) is a 1940 Tudor Revival, 656 and 662 date from 1938, and 666 is an Art Deco building built in 1931.