San Vicente Bungalows

Clustered along San Vicente Boulevard and Larrabee Street, between Santa Monica Boulevard to the south and Cynthia Street to the north, are remnants of Sherman’s oldest neighborhood, a 12 acre site platted in 1896. This group of LATE VICTORIAN BUNGALOWS housed the families of workers who operated the rail facilities.

Built between 1898 and 1910, the old structures exhibit common simple features such as hipped roofs, narrow wooden clapboard siding, simple end boards and window trim, overhanging eaves with brackets or boxing, and front porches. The bungalow became associated with the California lifestyle, providing residents with low-cost housing, modern amenities, modest square footage, and a basic design that could be personalized. By 1910 Sherman had grown into a substantial town, with pool halls, restaurants and hotels in addition to other amenities such as grocery stores, barbershops, and a post office.


Continue north on San Vicente Boulevard one block to Cynthia Street. Turn right and stop just before the Fire Station driveway.